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I was tagged by a deliciously delightful fellow author and friend, D Jordan Redhawk – thanks for your fulsome introduction 🙂 – to answer a few questions, so here we go:

What Are You Working On?

Well, that’s a more complicated question than you know. I usually have two or three writing projects kicking around at any given time. Here’s the current list:

I’ve completed the sequel to my paranormal romance, The Consequence of Murder. The second novel in the series, titled Burn All Alike, will bring Mackenzie into conflict with the fiery ghost of a Japanese woman who died in an internment camp during WWII. I’m still in the plotting stage for the third novel.

I had a new novel accepted by Bella—titled Taken at the Flood, an exciting romantic adventure featuring a retired Navy captain and an art recovery specialist from Miami to Mexico, Buenos Aires to Hitler’s secret Antarctic base in a race with a mysterious organization to find a lost German U-boat containing looted treasures.

Sweet is a yummy romance novel I just completed a couple of weeks ago. A chocolatier in a seaside Georgia town is given the chance of a lifetime to produce exclusive chocolates for the five-star luxury island hotel just off the coast, but there’s a problem—her best friend, an investigative reporter for the local paper, is missing. Adding to her worries, she finds  herself attracted to two very different women, one of whom may be connected to the crime. I got a vicarious thrill researching chocolates for this novel.

Finally, I’m deep in the midst of writing a commissioned story titled The Stars of Morning Sing involving Spain, the Inquisition, the year 1492, and a relationship between a Christian and a Jewish woman. Since I’m not well versed in the late 15th century, I’ve had to devote a lot of research time and consult a couple of dozen books so far. And no, I’m afraid this work belongs to the client who commissioned it, so it’ll be up to them whether or not the story goes public.

How Does Your Work Differ From Others in the Same Genre?

It doesn’t matter what genre I write—I’ve found there are always aspects to a story, whether it’s historical or contemporary, that require research. I try to keep the details of my fictional worlds as rooted in reality as possible. This is especially important in a work with supernatural elements like The Consequence of Murder. Fiction is basically a pleasing lie and the most successful lies are 99% truth. And when I do research, I don’t just watch a couple of episodes of a TV series and consider my work done. Months can go into a historical novel, while a contemporary novel may take only a few weeks.

Why Do You Write What You Do?

I love telling stories. That’s the best answer I can give. I fell in love with reading while very young and the authors I admire most are skilled at creating fictional worlds and characters that seem real. I try to be the kind of writer and tell the kind of stories I’d like to read.

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

My writing process is pretty simple. I get an idea, do some quick checking to figure out how much research is required, and decide how much time I can devote to the project. At that point, I start writing and I keep writing until I reach the end. I’m not one of those uber-organized types who plot every single aspect out in advance—I tend to create better in a chaotic environment.

And that’s all, folks!

I’m supposed to tag another author, but to be honest, I don’t know who to choose since authors I know and admire have already been tagged. So the only thing left to say is thanks to Redhawk for the shout out!

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